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10 Recent Posts From Kaskobi

- 7/1/17 - New Video!!

Hope you enjoy this one! A little different this time.

- 25/12/16 - New Video!!

Merry Christmas!!

- 16/12/16 - New Video!!

Hope you enjoy this one!!

- 11/12/16 - New Video!!

Well.. This is a big milestone.. Thankyou everyone for 75,000 subscribers

- 2/12/16 - New Video!!

So glad this song is out now! Download it from the music section on my website.

- 26/11/16 - New Video!!

Loved making this, it's pretty unique, hoping you all like it!

- 23/10/16

Got this project finished! The winner of my lights competition

- 16/10/16 - New Video!!

Finally, i finished my remake of the MrSuicideSheep mashup by Nev. Really glad this is done!!

- 25/9/16 - New Video!!

So here's my new cover of this beautiful song by two of the best artists ever.

- 23/9/16 - New Video!!

Yay! I'm Giving away a Launchpad!!!

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